Democratic Politics - 1| Social Science CBSE IX Chapter 1 - Democracy in the Contemporary World - Answer of question on P20 Q8

Question 8:

Here are three opinions heard in a television debate on the struggle for democracy in Nepal. Which of these do you agree with and why?

Guest 1: India is a democracy. Therefore, the Indian government must support the people of Nepal who are struggling against monarchy and for democracy.

Guest 2: That is a dangerous argument. We would be in the same position as the US was in Iraq. Remember, no outside force can promote democracy.

Guest 3: But why should we bother about the internal affairs of another country? We should be worried about our business interests there, not about democracy.


The opinion of Guest 3 can be easily agreed with. This is because it is a diplomatic approach towards a sensitive international situation, while at the same time it upholds the fact that only the people of a nation can establish democracy in their own country.

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